Vessel Registration

Radio Licence

In order to obtain a Provisional Radio Licence an application form is completed from our end upon receipt of vessel‘s main details, the Accounting Authority Identification Code Number (AAIC)*, the Point of Service Activation (PSA) code number and the GMDSS Sea Area Operation (A1, A2, A3 and A4). The licence is issued for a period of six months from the date of the provisional registration. A letter assigning the MMSI number will accompany the provisional radio licence.

The MMSI number as well as the Official number and Call Sign may also be assigned in advance. These are acquired upon payment of ten percent of the initial registration fees to the Malta Maritime Authority.

An application for an extension of the Provisional Radio Licence may be made to the Malta Communication Authority together with a declaration stating a valid reason for applying for such extension. The possible maximum period for such an extension allowed by law is of three months.

Full Term Radio Licence

During the validity period of the provisional licence, the managers of the vessel should complete the application form to install wireless on board the vessel in order to obtain the first GMDSS Full Term Licence under Malta Flag. This application form should be sent to our office together with:-

Radio licences are issued for a period of one year. All vessels of 300 gross tons and over should be equipped with GMDSS.

A renewal of the GMDSS radio licence is issued upon receipt of a copy of a physically signed declaration stating that no changes have occurred to the radio equipment and all is in working order. A full copy of the Safety Radio Certificate valid for at least 5 months together with the complete Form R should also be sent.


Any requirements for commissioning and operation of a ship earth station in the Inmarsat satellite service are obtained directly from Inmarsat through the PSA. I.D. numbers are allocated and these are forwarded to the Wireless Telegraphy Department.


The Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number for the operation of the Satellite EPIRB apparatus on board the vessel is obtained either in advance as stated above or automatically obtained upon issuance of a provisional radio licence. Please note that EPIRB apparatus on Maltese registered ships is compulsory. Furthermore a copy of the Data Sheet Test Report of the Satellite EPIRB is required for the issuance of a full term radio licence.

This report is about an apparatus (Satellite EPIRB) already on board vessel which permits to send the MMSI number in case of a sinking vessel. A test report of the fidelity and data information regarding the said equipment is to be issued every year from another radio equipment, which verifies the name of the vessel, the hydraulic release, test button, call sign, MMSI number etc. of the vessel.

AIS – Automatic Identification System

All Ships of 300 gross tons and over engaged in international voyages and cargo ships of 500 gross tons and over not engaged in international voyages together with passenger ships irrespective of size shall be fitted with an AIS. Kindly refer to Solas amendment 2000 (cp. 5) - Regulation 19/2.4.

Selective Call Number

This service is no longer in demand as this may be substituted by programming the narrow band direct printing equipment (NBDP) with the MMSI. Should this not be the case, the managers are to send a written confirmation showing that this number is required for fax or telex and giving also the make and type of this equipment.

*This authority, in accordance with C.C.I.T.T. recommendations D.90/Flll, is an internationally recognised accounting authority with whom ship owners are to enter into an agreement to settle their radio traffic accounts.

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